About Us

Pickleball is America’s fastest growing sport and combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. It is played both indoor and outdoors on a badminton size court (1/3 the size of a tennis court) and uses a slightly lower net. Players use light paddles made of graphite or polymer and a 2.75″ plastic whiffle ball. The ball is served underhand.

Basic Pickleball skills are easy to learn whether you are ten, eighty-five or somewhere in between, but the game gives all players the scope to develop their skills and reach high levels of performance.

Come and join the fun and get a good cardio work out and improved hand-eye coordination. Your questions are welcomed!

Pickleball: silly name, serious fun!!

Larry Virgilio



(937) 479-1157

Shop at PickleballCentral.com for your paddles and everything else and get 5% off by using this code: CRSDAYTON


31 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Karen Lane

    I would like to share information about a new place to play! The Payne Recreation Center in Moraine will have drop-in pickleball on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, 10:00 – 1:00 and Tuesday evening 6:00 – 9:00. $1 drop-in fee. Sessions begin January 9.


      1. Karen Lane

        Payne Recreation phone number is (937)535-1060. We will have one court initially, but will add more as interest grows! Play will take place in our PRC gym. The PRC is located at 3800 Main Street in Moraine.


    1. Daniel Acuff

      Tim, at Fairhaven Church, we now only have pickleball on Tuesdays, 1 – 3
      The Saturday dates haven ended.

      Dan Acuff


  2. Sherri Crowell


    Just to confirm, this updated pickleball schedule for the Kroc Center show NO evening hours being allotted. Is that correct, No evening Pickleball at Kroc Center at this time?


  3. Rhonda Sanderman

    Where do I learn how to play? Would love to try this sport!

    See all the places to play on the ‘Where To Play’ page. 😉


  4. Daniel Acuff

    Unfortunately, Pickleball at Fairhaven church has been canceled until further notice. Probably will not be back in 2021. Please remove Fairhaven church from the places to play list. Thank you.


  5. Gary DeMarco

    My wife and I are interested in learning to play pickle ball and joining an organization or club. It would be appreciated if someone would contact us. I am 68 and my wife is 69.

    Thanks – Gary and Judy DeMarco


  6. Christy Westinghouse

    I am looking for a facility to take pickleball lessons near me. I have played but I would still be classified as a beginner in my eyes.



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